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30 November 2007 @ 08:44 am
So what seems to have happened is that my water pump blew. For those not familiar with how car cooling systems work, this is a very very bad thing. Among other things, it caused the inverter (don't ask me) to overheat. Total repairs: $5200. Before even talking to me about that number, my rep talked to his manager and they agreed that the dealership and Toyota would eat $2000 of that. Very generous, but not enough to warrant spending over three grand on a car with over 138,000 miles on it that had just overheated: as my friend Hal put it, there are things in the system that haven't died yet from this, but will soon.

The dealership in Anaheim has offered me $5000 trade-in value on the car. I have a problem with that, though - I've grown to hate the dealership in Anaheim. So I called the dealership in Oxnard (who treated me well with my recent repairs, and who Hal, Jan, and my mother all recently bought Priuses - Prii? - from) and explained the situation. They said that without examining the car themselves, they couldn't guarantee anything as far as trade-in value went, but they said they would very likely either match or beat the offer made by Anaheim. Oxnard likes taking care of their loyal customers, and those recent purchases make us count as loyal customers.

So it looks like I'll be getting a new vehicle. The timing isn't great - I'm going out of town for eight days tomorrow, so I either rush myself through this process or I wait over a week. Rushing the process is not how I want to go about it. Therefore, the plan is to have AAA tow the car from Anaheim to Oxnard tonight, where it'll probably sit in my driveway until a week from Tuesday, which is my first opportunity to spend any time at the dealership going over options. We'll tow the car the rest of the way at that point. I have high hopes that my mother will be available on Tuesday the 10th, as I'll need her to cosign with me. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I say goodbye to my car, and the carpool lane stickers attached to it. Both have treated me fairly well - I got the car in 2003, about four and a half years ago. I think it had about 65,000 miles on it at the time, which means I put about 70,000 on it myself. Not a perfect run, but certainly not a bad one either. I never gave this car a name, which I think is probably a shame.

Is it sad that I'm considering getting a Scion purely for the sake of being able to call it a Cylon? There are probably better criteria than that. I've got some time to think about it...