November 28th, 2007


Scary night

Tomorrow's the practical portion of ICE IV. Friday is the written portion. Tonight, I drove to Anaheim Hills to stay at Jason's place, closer to school. Stopped by campus for a minute in hopes of catching the Toastmasters meeting and turning my 80% competency into 90% competency. Sadly, I missed it.

More sadly than that, my car died on the street shortly after that visit. Power went wonky and the whole thing went poof. I was on a major street, about six car lengths from one of its biggest intersections, in the #1 lane. Needless to say, this was freaky. My wallet was in the trunk, so I hit the hazard lights (thankfully still working), ran out to get it, then dashed back into the car. Called AAA, called Jason and Jill to tell them what was going on, texted Jen. Eventually figured out that I should call the local police to let them know about this traffic hazard I was causing. Should have done that long before I did - moments after I hung up, someone almost didn't notice me in time. They slammed on their brakes and stopped within a couple feet of my car. Turns out the smarter thing to do would have been to get out of the car and stay on the sidewalk where it was safe. I wasn't exactly thinking straight.

Anyway, my car and I came through it fine. Tow truck took us to the dealership in Anaheim - oddly, the same one I always went to when I lived in the area. They'll look at it tomorrow. I'll take my test tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully it'll be done before I need to find a way back to Camarillo.

And of course, I get on a plane at 5:30am on Saturday, and will be in Colorado for eight days.