November 6th, 2007



As expected, Friday held a brief inspection followed by my being handed an approval letter for a home occupation permit. This letter allows me to obtain a tax ID, which (as stated in my last post) is my business license.

Here's what they didn't tell me. While it's true that Camarillo doesn't require a Fictitious Business Name, they do request that if you plan to get one, you do so before getting the tax ID. Okayfine.

Yesterday, I went to the county government center. I checked against their business name database and confirmed that Harmony Healing and Wellness isn't taken, and registered my FBN. They gave me a confirmation letter, and a list of newspapers I could use for the next step (listing an ad for four consecutive weeks to give someone already using the name an opportunity to object to my having it). I got in contact with the Ventura County Star and got their fax number, but by the time I got it I had to get in to the CSUN clinic.

After clinic, I found myself talking to a friend who happened to have access to a fax machine, so I sent in the paperwork I needed to. Unfortunately, it was 4:45 by then, so I knew I wasn't going to hear back from them until today. This morning, I called them to confirm they had received the paperwork, and to give them my credit card # for the ad charges.

So far, between the processing charge for the Home Occupation Permit, the processing fee for the Fictitious Business Name, and the advertisements, I'm down over $200. But it's worth it...

At this point, I have all the paperwork I need to get my tax ID and a business bank account. The tax ID, I'll probably take care of tomorrow morning. The bank account I'll have to wait on until I have a little money to put in it.

But it looks like I'll be officially official and stuff tomorrow...