October 12th, 2007



The basic version for everybody:

Everything went very smoothly.  My vision is now 20/20, and the paperwork I've read seems to indicate that might even improve over the next few days.  I have some slight halos around headlights and such (a symptom of astygmatism), but not too terribly bad and not NEARLY as much as I had before.  I'm hoping that'll dissapear with time as well.

The process itself wasn't the most pleasant, but wasn't too horrible either. Collapse )

Anyway, long story shorter, my cornea seem to have healed pretty much completely already (but I'm still taking the recommended 4x/day dose of antibacterial drops, 4x/day dose of antiinflammatory drops, and 1x/hour dose of lubricating drops), and although my eyes tire a little easier than they did pre-surgery (again, a side effect I'm expecting to wear off with time), I'm very happy with the results.

Hooray for being able to see!!!