August 14th, 2007


Reality sucks (my Lasik decision)

So the Lasik doctor told me I'm a perfect candidate.  My cornea is a good thickness, I'm the right age, my eyes aren't TOO messed up... he's pretty sure he can get me better than 20/20.

But the reality is that I'm living on borrowed money right now.  The student loan could cover the initial $900 that would be necessary for the surgery, and my TV is almost paid off so that $100/month could just be moved over to pay for the surgery, but at the end of each month since moving to Camarillo, I'm thrown into a finances panic.  The $100/month could be much better spent on helping us survive the next while, and in a few years my practice should be at a point where I can spend the money on elective surgery like this.  Meanwhile, it would take 5 years to be done paying for it, and about 15 years worth of buying glasses and contacts to break even with the cost of the surgery plus interest.

Much as I really do want it, it doesn't make sense right now.  So I cancelled my follow-up exams, and will re-evaluate when my financial situation is better suited for it in a couple of years.  Hopefully I'll still be a good candidate at that point.