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11 July 2007 @ 08:44 am
8am: EENT midterm. Note: I haven't had a single EENT class - this was entirely self driven. As was Dermatology. The only two classes in the entire program that are taught this way -- and two classes that very much shouldn't be.
9am: Dermatology midterm.
10-12: Practice Management 3
1-3: OB/GYN
3-5: Pediatrics
5-7 (left at 6:15): Geriatrics
6:30-9: Proctology and Gynecology exams on live patients. (Added bonus - we also guided the live patients through breast and male genetal self-exam. Wheee.)

That's a 13 hour school day, ending with powdered gloves. I HATE powdered gloves. Shoulda brought my own non-powdered ones, but didn't think about it.

Anyway, that last part was a one-time thing that will allow me to be called Doctor. If I were practicing in Washington, I'd need to get certified in that stuff and some others (like delivering babies), but since I'm planning to be in California, that won't be part of my scope of practice. Technically, I'll be allowed to do the stuff I did yesterday -- but of course, who wants to?
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