June 29th, 2007



In case you were wondering how school's going, here's the update on my clinical experience.

Today marks what should be the last day I'm at CSUN for six weeks.  I should be moving to my Private Practice Rotation (PPR) on Monday, working at West Hollywood Being Alive on Fridays (of course I got assigned to the rotation whose name reminds me of a Sondheim song!), and going to Whittier for classes on Tuesdays.

That'd be the plan, if only my chosen PPR doc had filled out his paperwork.  See, the paperwork takes about three or four weeks to process once it's been received at the school.  And he hasn't finished it yet.

As it turns out, my weekly calls turning into daily calls didn't give him the impression that the deadline I've mentioned more than once since I gave him the packet a couple of months ago was serious.  I found out yesterday that he's in Fresno for the weekend, where his daughter is competing in the Miss California competition.  Very cool for him (and her, of course), very frustrating for me.

Anyway, he's promised me he'll get on it as soon as he gets back.  Meanwhile, I've been frantically calling other docs that are already ON the approved PPR list (thus taking the processing time from three or four weeks to three or four days) and seeing if anybody would be willing to take me on for this module.  So far, no luck.

So for the moment, I'm still at CSUN on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Which has its advantages, don't get me wrong -- I'm able to treat between four and nine patients a day, and from what I hear, some PPR docs don't let their interns adjust anybody.  But as much as I appreciate the student health center, I was really looking forward to getting out into a real doc's office and see what it's like "out there."

Hopefully this particular setback won't last too long...