June 22nd, 2007


Equipment Died Hard

So, as usual, I've decided that I'd like to try to see the first few movies in a series before watching the new one.  This time, the series in question is Die Hard.

I never got around to buying the first three movies, and of course now it makes no sense (since there will undoubtedly be one that includes #4), so I went a-looking at my local Blockbuster for the first one.  Blockbuster had a slot for it on the shelf, but no disc.  Clearly they're out.

But a thought occurred to me -- don't I own this one on Laserdisc?  So when we got home, I looked, and by golly, there it is!  CAV, three sides, in all it's album-sized glory.  I haven't touched the laserdisc player in several years, but I'm sure......

I mean, it's gotta......

Nope.  Sucker's dead.  Which makes my LD collection a little less valuable to me.  Shame, too -- I've got some cool ones.

Anyway, that was last night.  Today, I found a different Blockbuster.  1 and 2 are in my hot little hands in their wimpy CD-sizedness, 3 is being mailed by Blockbuster Online, and my LDs sit on their shelf in shame.

This entry went a little stream of consciousness on me.  Especially since the whole thing coulda been summed up with "Went to watch a LD last night, but the player's not working."  Oh well.  Too late to fix it now...