May 9th, 2007


Update on me

Finally finished moving. Now in the "settling in" phase, in which we discover that despite a packed garage, there's still boxes all over the house that need emptying. We ended up taking about a dozen trips back to La Habra to get all the stuff that was left after the movers' truck was full. (That's about 85 miles one-way. We shoulda rented a U-Haul. Oh well.)

I'm back in school, Jen's in a new job. School is very different now that it is a single 11-hour day of classes, and four days of treating people, per week. That one day is exhausting, and the other four are exhilirating.

I'll leave it to Jen to discuss her job, it being hers and all.

The house is looking great, inside and out. The boxes are slowly starting to clear up, the DVDs are pretty much put away, the entertainment center is hooked up, the backyard resembles more of a backyard than a jungle, the cats have calmed down enough to attack each other again...and we live in a place that simply feels like "home" again. I didn't realize until recently that I haven't had that for quite some time. It's a good feeling.

And that's what's up with me. What's going on with you?