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24 April 2007 @ 10:55 pm
This is so frustrating.

I am consistently disappointed by the Harry Potter movies.  They upset me.  The last one (Goblet of Fire) downright angered me.  Huge major important things cut indescriminately, odd unimportant things left in, and horrible changes made to events and characters, leaving you with quite a jumbled mess.  I mean, worse than the previous three.  Combine that with how I felt about Book 5, and I left the theatre determined to not see the next movie.

Then they came out with a teaser.  And it was REALLY pretty.

That was November.  Today, the trailer came out.  It's even better than the teaser.  Far and away the best Harry Potter trailer I've seen.

I'm gonna have to see the damn thing.  Dammit.

In a side note, this summer brings us the third installment in the following franchises (in no particular order):
Rush Hour
Pirates of the Caribbean
Ocean's 11

No real conclusion - I just find it funky that the next few months will bring us six #3s.  Not to mention the aforementioned #5, a few #2s (Fantastic 4, Hostel, Bruce Almighty, Mr. Bean) and a couple uncountables (Care Bears and Halloween).