April 10th, 2007


Fans of Tiny Toons, unite!

Warner Animation is housing a survey, finding out if there's interest in DVDs of 12 animated shows. Among them are Plastic Man, Silverhawks, Pac-Man, and Tiny Toon Adventures.

Go here for details and the link to the survey! =)

That was odd

I just had three phone calls in a row. Jen's cell was dying, so I got off the home line with her as my cell phone was ringing. Picked up and spoke with Erik for about 90 seconds about exchanging the DVDs we've borrowed from each other, and hung up with him as the home line had its second ring die down. Picked that up and talked to Vicky, who will be showing the apartment to potential renters on Thursday evening.

For about five minutes, I was popular!

(So THAT'S what that feels like....)