April 4th, 2007


Housing update

Drove to Camarillo yesterday afternoon to get mom's paperwork filled out for cosigning, turn in the paperwork on the less expensive (lesser location) rental, and FedEx the paperwork to the owners of the more expensive (better location) rental.  (The owners of that one are in Texas)

Called the rental agency that had the less expensive place when I was on my way to make sure they weren't closed when I arrived, and was told they'd rented it yesterday morning.

Got to FedEx about eight minutes after they were supposed to stop accepting anything for Priority shipping, but it turns out they were running late as well and we got it under the wire.  It was delivered at 8:30 this morning, and I just called to make sure things were still going smoothly.  They said they'd faxed the paperwork to their credit checking agency and would have an answer for me in 2-3 days.  I asked if it might be possible to have an answer by Friday, since Jen's headed to Camarillo for other reasons that day and we'd like to know if she should be signing a lease with an apartment complex while she's there, and they told me to call Thursday night and maybe they'd have more information to give me.

I also asked how likely we were to be offered the place if Mom's credit turns out to be as good as we know it is.  They didn't want to give an answer (understandable), but said that because we don't have kids we have a leg up on the one other family that's in the running for the place.

We'll see.  Gotta wait for Thursday evening now....