February 26th, 2007



Let me preface this one by telling you in advance that I was not shaving my legs, nor my feet.  I don't know how you would even get that idea.

That being said, a toe will bleed quite a bit and hurt like hell all day if you cut it with a razor.

Similarly, a Mach III razor blade will pop off the handle if dropped from a height of approximately five feet and eight inches, but if the blade is new and it falls from that height in just the right way, it'll do some damage before bouncing away.

Finally, aiming accurately enough to hit your second toe while rinsing your hair with your eyes closed is fairly impressive, and difficult to recreate.

Conclusion:  Not an experiment worth repeating, even for the sake of scientific validity.  I wouldn't recommend it.

What?  Not all of my experiments have to do with food...

The Innate in Jen's razor blade decided my toe had a follicular subluxation that required a high velocity high amplitude thrust to correct, but missed on the contact point and line of drive.  Good thing it wasn't being tested at National Boards - that would have been an automatic fail if anybody was watching.