January 22nd, 2007



So now that I'm in clinic, I have a request.  If you have pain, please come to the chiropractic clinic at my school, for both of our sakes -- I need the credit for having brought in at least two new patients before the end of February, and you need the chiropractic care before the pain gets worse.

If you do choose to come in, please let me know when, so I can get all the paperwork in order to receive that credit.  Also, we can arrange for me to either specifically be there or specifically not be there, depending if you want to see me or not.  =)

I don't know the clinic's prices, but it's my understanding that care through the clinic is a bit more cost effective than care through a public chiropractor, and you have a lot of options for your care with us, including a fully equipped rehab room, exercises, and clinicians with enough time to actually pay attention to you and your concerns.  Check the website for hours and appointment info.

If they ask you who you want an appointment with, don't say me -- they won't know my name.  My supervising doctors are Dr. Farrar and Dr. Lundin.  I'm scheduled in the clinic 12-3 Mondays and Wednesdays, but if you can't come in then, I can arrange to be there when you are.  Unless I'm in class.  At which point one of my capable classmates will help you out.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it...