January 21st, 2007



A friend just e-mailed me to ask how ICCAs went yesterday.  This was my response, and I thought I would share with you:
ICCAs are a very different experience as a co-producer than they are as an audience member or judge.  Hectic, panicky, exciting, powerful stuff. I really like it, and I hope Jen is able to stay on as Producer for a while.

It's really cool that Jen has become a muckitymuck.  This morning, Brock Harris, a man who founded the first two a cappella groups at USC and is half of the team putting together an annual a cappella compilation CD (among many many other things - this guy's big in the a cappella world), called Jen and thanked her for allowing him to judge last night.  I gotta admit that I'm a little jealous of the acclaim and responsibilities she gets, but at the same time I'm VERY happy to be on the sidelines cheering her on.  Last night did not go 100% smoothly for her, and she's handling it like a champion, learning from the experience how to make the next one better.  I don't know that I'd be able to do that nearly as well as she is.