January 10th, 2007


A couple randomish musings

Being sick sucks.

MS Money 2007 isn't much different from 2006.
MS Outlook 2003 has some things about it that make it nicer than 2002. But there's something missing. Specifically, as of the "2003" brand, MS Office no longer comes with the Button Bar, or Shortcut Bar, or whatever the heck it was called. They just decided not to use it anymore, and not to make it available for download.

To give you an idea how much this sucks for me (and those of you who know me well will understand), I used the Button Bar more regularly than I checked my e-mail. That sucker had everything I needed in a easily accessible and nicely organized place. It stinks not having it anymore. Yes, it's a minor thing, but still..... =(