January 8th, 2007



So I'm back on my computer.  There are LOTS of programs that need to be reinstalled, and I need to figure out what the heck I did to make Jen's computer stop booting, but I'm back online!

The process of getting here involved two different installations of WinXP.  The first was fine until it wasn't, and fixing it was problematic but seems to have worked out.

But this one has a bigger and stranger problem.

One of my drives (the new one, as a matter of fact) has a partition on it.  300GB or so.  This partition has about 30GB of irreplacable information on it.  What it does not have is a drive letter.  I can find no way of accessing the information on it whatsoever.  I could delete the partition and make a new one and everything would work fine...but I'd no longer have that 30GB of information.  Windows can see the drive, it can see the partition.  It just can't access it.  Neither, by the way, can Norton Disk Doctor.

Anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this one?