January 5th, 2007


Running in circles back to square one

Yesterday, I got the call that made me happy.  Fry's told me it was a bad piece of RAM, they'd gotten it to boot by putting a new RAM stick in the machine.


I went and bought another gig of RAM (adding $110 to my total thus far), and brought the computer home.  Whereupon I discovered that I could also get the machine to boot.  In fact, it liked the experience so much, it did it again!  And again.  And again.

Yup.  Same damn problem that made me bring it in there in the first place.

So today, I'm bringing them the system and telling them for the third time that I think it's either the motherboard or CPU.  Grrrrr....

The prestige

On my way home from dropping my computer off at Fry's, I got a call from Fry's.  The supervisor took one look at the motherboard and saw some chips had blown.  He visually SAW them gone.  He dragged some of his techs over while I was on the phone and showed them -- I actually heard him use the words "see that leaking there?"  Kinda scary.  And yes, this was a simple visual inspection - 20 seconds from opening the case to diagnosis.  Woulda been nice if he'd been on the job on the 28th, when they first got the thing.

So.....now I get to drive back to Fry's and get a new Motherboard.  And in case there was any doubt, he told me that my CPU chip is outdated and they don't carry anything compatible with it.  So as predicted, that needs replacing as well.

There's a couple of chip/MB sales going on right now, so I'm going back at this moment and seeing what can be done.  I'll probably see if they can determine what actually needs replacing that they told me needed replacing, and return what didn't - this is likely to be an additional $300 on top of everything else I've spent, minimum.  We'll have to see...  I want to get my system RUNNING again before I make any returns, just in case.

The good news?  This is likely to take care of it.  The bad news?  My old motherboard had a lot integrated in it, so depending on the new one, I may need to get new things, like a sound card and such.  Probably won't need a new network card, but you never know.

I'll keep you posted....
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