February 7th, 2006


Former singer

Just got a call from Greg, who had just gotten a call from Steve. Steve and Graham have been approached to join a different quartet, with which they would have better chances of progressing in the competition circuit. They've taken the opportunity, which leaves Greg and I quartetless.

The thought that will occur to you is that this leaves me more time to concentrate on my studies. I recognize the validity of that thought, and ask you not to express it. Right now I'm still in shock, and the next step will likely be a combination of hurt and anger. It'll be a while before I reach acceptance, and it won't be 'till then that I can appreciate such words.

Conversations I can't seem to have

If I were to send a postcard to PostSecret, here are some of the things it could say:

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I'm not likely to ever get up the drive and energy and time to put together one of those postcards, but if you ever glance at the site and see one of these there, it may have come from me.

Notice, by the way, that I'm continuing with my trend: this post isn't locked.  It could be about you, it could be about someone else.  Don't assume.

Feelin' naked

In November (11/7, to be precise), I had a "Spring Bar" installed into my wedding ring.  It's basically a white gold bar that sticks into the middle of the ring space to prevent it from sliding off my finger, which is several sizes smaller than it was when I first slid the ring on.

Last night, the Spring Bar snapped off, making the inside of my ring very sharp.

Robbins Bros has the ring again, and thankfully they recognize that this shouldn't have happened this quickly (if at all), so they're fixing it for free.  So I'm ringless until at least 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.

And apparently I'm making up for it by posting and posting and posting.  Guess I'll stop and go have lunch or something...