August 30th, 2005


Honeymoon, Day 2

We left off the story getting ready to get ready. We did that part, and headed out. Walked through Grand Central Station and paused to pick up breakfast (cheese danish and a banana Snapple for me, cranberry muffin and a Coke for Jen). We walked and walked and walked today, getting some sightseeing in, but mostly seeing Central Park.

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Honeymoon, Day 3

Today was a somewhat low-key day. We got up and moving at a reasonable-ish time and spent some time with the concierge, planning our romantic-esque dinner for Sunday, printing vouchers for various attractions from Jen's e-mail, etc. (me: "Where's the best cheesecake in New York?" him: "Well, you could go here or here, but really, Cheesecake Factory blows them both away.") Then we took our first taxi ride of the honeymoon. It was everything we dreamed it would be -- not terribly unlike a roller coaster with stoplights. Went to Central Park again and walked past the Boat House restaurant. We got there around 11:35 or so, which I remember because they were closed until noon.

Continued walking to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we celebrated student admission pricing and then had some lunch in the cafe. Ham sandwiches all around - but Jen took the brie off hers, and I added mayo to mine. Another first for the trip - cheesecake. Mmmmmm...cheesecake. We walked around the Met for a while and got some pictures that didn't come out because they don't really like flash photography in museums and stuff. Some neat musical instruments there, though. Anyway, the plan was to go from there to the zoo, but Jen's body started doing what womens bodies periodically do, and the associated cramps were bad enough to warrant a taxi ride back to the hotel. Not a problem, though - we've been going fairly nonstop since arrival (plus the last week or two worth of planning and the wedding itself), so we both appreciated a chance to veg out in the room with TV. Cuddles are good, too.

Watched Spider-Man 2 'cause it was on (comedically, though, it was a pan and scan version that was zoomed in on the widescreen TV to give the illusion of a widescreen image. The end result was that not only was it missing the sides of the screen, it was also missing the top and bottom!) Checked the tickets and saw that showtime for tonight's play was 7, and thought that since it was 5 we should probably go. Taxi ride #3 to the box office, where we discovered we were across the street from Sardi's. Dinner plans!

Sardi's is very good but a bit overpriced (as opposed to the other meals we've had so far, yeah right). We both had the filet which was yum, and split a cheesecake (#2, for those counting) which was yum!!! We thought the first cheesecake was good, but YUM!!!!

Tonight's play was brought to you by the Flying Circus. Yep, we saw Spamalot. Incidentally, if you're going to this particular show, don't think to yourself "they won't let me take the camera in, so we should leave it at home." Instead, think "while photos during the show are forbidden, there's a lot going on outside the theatre that we'll want photos of, so let's take the camera with us!" Oops.

We were disappointed to see that one of the actors we had been looking forward to wasn't going to be there (probably taping Huff or something), but were thrilled by the surprise of who was taking his role(s). So I guess it all turns out to be a Wash. Anyway, my thought was that the new parts were very fun and enjoyable, but I felt deja vu for most of the show. Jen's thoughts were similar, although we both enjoyed the fact that from our balcony seats, we had a great view of the technical stuff they did, which was phenomenal. Since we've both been techies, it was great fun. Lots of fog, great sets and lighting, good use of trap doors, and they managed to fit in some animation, just so you knew it was actually Monty Python. I enjoyed that while there was familiar material (obviously, or the fans would tear the theatre apart), it very much felt like the actors were bringing themselves to the parts they played, so it wasn't entirely ho-hum-been-there-done-that. Jen pointed out that Alan felt like he was performing "Hank performing Hank's roles" (except for his main song in act II, during which he let go and had fun as himself), but we agreed that since Hank sorta-kinda originated the role(s) (at least, in this form), and was nominated for a Tony for it(them), it would be difficult to get out of the way he did them. Anyway, the conclusion seems to be that we enjoyed the play and are glad to have seen it, but when it arrives in Vegas we'll wait to be dragged by whoever we're with that we can't convince to see something else.

Side note: Tim Curry reminded us of Sean Devine on several occasions (minus the squint). Those of you who've seen Sean perform know what I'm talking about.

Walked back to the hotel room, called Jen's bank to let them know we were in New York and they could take the hold off the debit card because, yes, we were actually here using it ourselves. Then we vegged in front of the TV again (Rock Star INXS had a good performance, an OK one, and a god-awful one that all got great comments by the band. But we tuned in halfway through.) and got ready for bed. Tomorrow is two plays, and we're hoping to wake up in time for a cruise-like-thing beforehand. Hopefully we'll remember to get sunscreen before that.... G'night!