December 7th, 2004


Jury duty followup

So I'm sitting in the room where the prospective jurors wait for the call to the courtroom for about two or three hours.  Then 100 of us are called in.

20 people are put in (and around) the jury box.  Questions are asked by the judge, a couple people are dismissed and replaced, we break for lunch.

Come back from lunch.  The 20 in the box are questioned for quite some time by the judge, then the lawyers.  At 4:30, about half of them are dismissed by the lawyers, and are replaced.

No problem, right?  Two of the new prospective jurors are dismissed right away, and are replaced.  One of the replacements is dismissed, and I'm called.

The trial is a gang-related attempted murder case.  The defense attorneys admit the defendants are both members of a gang.  The prosecuting attorney admits the victim is a member of a gang.  The judge admits the trial will take at least until next Friday.

I balk.  Finals are next week.

OKFine.  The judge grants me......a deferrment.  It's 4:45, the day is gone, and the judge was kind enough to allow me to come back and do it again.

I scheduled it for April, immediately after my first chiro term ends.  As much as I hope for the justice system to work, I also hope I don't get on a trial that causes me to miss any school...
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