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06 December 2004 @ 03:47 pm
#1:  My statistics teacher has been absent for roughly 50% of the class sessions we were supposed to have.  She's been really sick and I've felt bad for her, but I've also felt bad for us - it's not like we've been learning the material.  This last Thursday, a couple of the higher-ups in the department showed up and announced that they'd be working on a way to fairly evaluate what grades we should be getting in the class, and one way or another, new material would be given the next two or three sessions, to be evaluated in whatever they could throw together for the final exam.  Who knows - maybe the teacher will show up again.  Or we could have a sub for the last four sessions.  Either way, don't miss Tuesday if you can help it.

#2:  The bug that's been going around finally hit me.  Not hard (yet), but I'm definitely sick.

#3:  The other bug that's been going around for years has finally hit me again.  I've got to report to jury duty tomorrow.

Stupid gods of irony....
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