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08 October 2004 @ 10:35 pm
At no point will I ever respond to an e-mail from any bank, auction service, online store, or anybody else who is having security issues and needs me to sign in for them to verify my account. I will never click on the supplied link, I will never fill out an online form whose URL starts with an IP address - particularly when the URL I've been linked to claimed to start with an actual server I might be familiar with. Never will I think to myself, "you know, this e-mail was sent by a bank I've never even heard of, so it seems unlikely that I'd have an account there, but perhaps this is legitimate, and I should sign into their service to make sure I'm secure."

These e-mail scams will never work on me, so QUIT SENDING THEM TO ME.

That's all.
Current Mood: angryimpatient