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01 June 2004 @ 01:17 am
OK, so I spent the better part of this past weekend dealing with computer stuff. Strangeness happened in many ways, and here's some of the end result:

I've reinstalled Windows XP, because I couldn't stand getting all those Blue Screens. Yeah, you heard me right.

My new 250GB hard drive didn't want to accept being called the primary drive, so I tried installing WinXP on it as a slave. I was able to get multiple-boots out of it that way.

Once I'd installed WinXP on the new drive, I noticed that the drive letter names were different, depending on which WinXP I loaded. Which is to say, reassigning drive letters in one OS had no effect on the other. Also, once you're loaded in WinXP, it's not too happy about the idea of changing drive letters on the drive that's got Windows loaded.

Once WinXP was loaded, I was able to copy the files from one drive to the other to make it bootable as the master drive. Tried it - worked like a charm. Except that, even as the master drive, the sucker's still Drive F.

And of course, I made a partition specifically for program installations - I figured it'd be easy to take advantage of the quirk that Windows is on Drive F by making that partition into Drive C. Which would be fine, except that Windows is now telling me that the default installation directory is F:\Program Files.

And naturally, now that I've deleted the partitions that housed the crashing WinXP, I'm finding all sorts of stuff that I forgot to grab installations to.

I enjoyed when my printer's installation program refused to recognize that the USB printer was plugged in, until I went into the device manager and manually told the system to update the driver - at which point the installation program immediately was happy that the thing was operating properly.

There's more, but my head's kinda spinning just reading this. I think I should probably sleep.

It's been an odd weekend....