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22 May 2004 @ 07:45 pm
I seem to have killed the e-mail server. Didn't mean to, but it happened anyway.

All I was trying to do was send a file to a member of my quartet. I'd sent it earlier in the week, but his e-mail box was overflowing at the time and it was rejected. So I set the thing to resend in Outlook before going to the chorus' gig this morning.

That seems to be where things went screwy. We're not sure why yet - the admin will check on it Monday, when he gets back in town.

What seems to have been happening was that my Outlook tried to send the file, got about 90% through it, then the connection broke down. Then Outlook tried to send it again, with the same results. And every time it did this, it ate up some more resources.

Admin saw there was a problem, but the resources were so sucked up by my file (4MB, by the way) that he had to reboot before he could even look at it. He saw what was happening, and blocked incoming SMTP connections from my IP (that's incoming from the server's perspective - outgoing from mine). Immediately my computer gave up on that and tried to retrieve my incoming mail - which had similar results! Finally he ended up blocking incoming and outgoing SMTP connections from my IP and rebooting again - so now everybody else should be able to deal with their mail however they want, and I can still deal with mine via webmail. And Monday, we'll try to fix it.

Anyway, if your e-mail is through AOKP and it got interrupted today, I apologize. I have no idea how or why my system did it, but it seems to have been my doing somehow.

Post Script. File went through via webmail just fine. First time, no issues. Maybe it's time to format my hard drive and start Windows over again. (That's a tangental thought - it's been bluescreening a lot lately as well)