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25 September 2003 @ 01:34 am
Today, I went through my MS Outlook file and archived pretty much all the contacts and calendar entries that I haven't used or looked at in the last year or so. Many of my high school friends, all my CSUS friends and events, all went away. Birthdays of people I don't keep in touch with, phone numbers of people I'll never call, and records of everything that was scheduled in my Brain prior to roughly June of last year are all gone.

OK, not gone completely - just in an archive file. They're all still accessable. But it's still a very strange experience to have gone through. And I'm not entirely sure why.

I guess it's like a piece of my past is no longer relevant. A pretty large chunk, actually. And it's not as if I never think about these people, it's just that they no longer have a place in my immediate focus - and by placing them in my life's Archive, I'm making it far less likely that this will ever change. It's a little depressing in a very strange way.

Perhaps I'll glance through it periodically. But it really doesn't seem likely.

No conclusions or punchlines to this post. It's just something little that happened to me, and I have yet to decide if it has meaning. Just thought I'd share. Now I'll go sleep.