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The short version: Pipes going bad is very very bad.

The long version's behind the LJ-Cut. Just don't pay attention to the man behind the LJ-Cut.Collapse )

Anyway, the bottom line is that it's big and ugly and a much bigger deal than we anticipated, and it's likely to occupy our lives for a bit while it all gets resolved. Once again, *sigh*
03 September 2003 @ 03:21 pm
So they ran the camera through the system this afternoon. We saw it on the screen - it was kinda neat.

Pipe is offset in several places (beneath the trees in the yard, of course), and just before it reaches the sidewalk it's actually broken.

If the trees make the pipe collapse, which is likely to happen in the future, we not only have the expense of replacing the pipe, but we have to remove the trees first.

If we replace it now, however, they can do a trenchless pipe replacement - dig holes at both ends and simultaneously push the new pipe in while pulling the old pipe out. Single 45' pipe, instead of sections, since it's where the sections meet that there are problems right now. $5,500.

Plus, when they reach the spot where it's broken, they'll have to put the camera in again (that spot made the camera unable to go further) to see if there's MORE we need to do. Apparently Anaheim is responsible for taking care of the sewage once our pipe meets the city's, but not before. Oh, and the Homeowner's Insurance isn't likely to take care of this, since it's technically not in the house.

We've got a claim in to the Homeowner's Insurance, and there will be someone coming over within 72 hours to take pictures and stuff, so we'll make sure she knows about this when she arrives and hopefully they'll help. But I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm running late for rehearsal, but can't leave - the plumber was out of financing forms and has to come back with them. So my thumbs twiddle and I wait.

Maybe I'll go take a shower, now that it's likely to drain somewhat well....sorta.....

Current Mood: worriedworried
03 September 2003 @ 03:51 pm
Both showers have big-ass fans and dehumidifiers both in front of and inside them. (Those will be running constantly until sometime Saturday)

Maybe I'll fill out the financing stuff for the plumbers when they arrive and take shower supplies to 24 Hour Fitness. I can go from there to rehearsal.

Have I mentioned how much fun this is? 'Cause it's really not...
Current Mood: Stressed
Current Music: The white noise of the fans and dehumidifiers.