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21 August 2003 @ 03:28 pm
A few weeks ago, I had to get major repairs done on my car. It was quite extensive and expensive (to the tune of about $1,009.86), and I would have preferred to not go that route -- the repairs were pushing the envelope of the Blue Book value of the car. But it's not like I have a job or something that will allow me to make monthly payments on a new car, so I opened a Pep Boys card to put it on and reasoned with myself that this would be the LAST time I did that. Next time the car needs repairs like that again, I'm just replacing the damn car.

So my tire has a slow leak. I've known this for a couple of weeks, but haven't been able to do anything about it 'cause the work on the house has been so high-priority. But today, Jen and I were able to take it in.

The tire that has the slow leak is the only good news they saw. That repair will be free. However, that's the only tire in decent condition - the OTHER three tires are all shot and need replacing. And the method in which they're all shot indicates that there's some major alignment issues that need to be taken care of. Oh, and the struts are leaking and causing problems, which could be a cause of the alignment issues, and will do nothing but get worse with time.

Tires: $230
Alignment: $50
Struts: $530


OK, so what I decide is that I've already committed myself to getting a new car in the next 6-12 months anyway, but my job situation hasn't changed and I still can't afford to get a new car right now. So I ask what'll happen if I have them do the tires and alignment, but not the struts? Well, the same problem will happen again, but quicker - the new tires can last probably around 6 months with these struts, depending on how I drive. So that's what I authorize. Do it.

We go get lunch, then head home. On the way, my cell phone rings. My front brakes are almost to the dangerously-low level (like, you know, metal on metal). They think the rotor should be replaced as well, but if I'm replacing the car in 6 months anyway, they can probably just get away with using this one, as long as I replace the brakes.

Brakes: $120.

Authorized. Gotta have working brakes.

As nice a car as I have, I really hate it right now...
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