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01 August 2003 @ 04:16 pm
So I just got back from a trip to Northern CA. Didn't have a chance to see any of my college buddies this time around, but each time lightways and I make the trip, the draw gets bigger and bigger, so I'm gonna have to fill that sometime soon.

Went for the wedding of a college friend of lightways's. AOKP is a bit of an extended family, so this was like going to the wedding of a cousin I'd never met. Finally got to meet her after the ceremony, though! All in all, it was great with a couple minor incidents - including my camera batteries dying so I could only take 480 shots. MAN, I love the digital camera!

Needless to say, we visited lightways's family as well. While in the neighborhood, she dragged me to a jewelry store she knew and loved, and of course we were looking at rings. When we found the one she had wanted for years, she started hyperventilating. Apparently she was hoping not to find it? So here's the deal - I'm not allowed to buy it. I can't even put it on the payment plan. That would be too permanent - too committing. She won't let me ask her father for permission, much less ask her the Question.

But I know from experience that if you walk away from the perfect [insert item here], it won't be there the next time you look. So I put it on layaway. That gives her six months to get used to the idea and maybe she'll allow me to ask him, if not her.

After the wedding, we went up to Davis to visit with sencollins and his family for a day and a half. Had a great time -- I've really missed our friendship. And I discovered a friendship with his wife that I didn't realize was there. I guess she's matured and stuff since I met her when she was, like, 17 or so. Great person. sencollins did good.
01 August 2003 @ 04:16 pm
So we got back from the trip, and I picked up my car from the shop. $1000 down the tubes. But I state it here publicly -- this is the LAST time I pour that kind of money in this vehicle. Next time it needs major repair, I'm up and getting something new. I'm tired of it.

Other major changes.... I'm officially moving in with lightways. This is mostly a change in attitude and wording, since I've essentially lived with her for almost a year or so. But it does mean that some rearranging is necessary. My stuff needs to move in too now, and there simply isn't room. So we're rearranging three rooms -- two of them are switching functions and the third is just getting an overhaul. Some furniture is going away, some other furniture has been picked up. Acoustic ceiling popcorn will be scraped away from two of the rooms - which will also be painted - walls and ceiling.

We've got some work ahead of us.

But we've done a lot today - more than either of us expected to be possible in one day - and that makes us optimistic.

01 August 2003 @ 09:51 pm
I moved my computer from Sherman Oaks to Anaheim so I'd have something to work with. Somehow between leaving and arriving, the sound stopped working. I thought perhaps it was the wire connecting the computer to the speakers, but miss Shandy suggested I plug headphones straight into the card. Sure enough, no sound that way either.

Picked up a new soundcard today. Surprise! The sound works now.

And if I had the speakers, my computer would now support 5.1.

Which is odd, because I have no other stereo equipment capable of such effect.

Of course, that would also require some more speakers....

.....and the cycle continues......