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I wasn't expecting this until about a month from now!

I got back from class tonight (I probably haven't mentioned that. Sorry - I'm in a class with self.), and found a package that I preordered in early July.

That's a hint.

OK, I can't wait for you to figure it out. The videotapes haven't yet arrived, but I now have performances from the top 20 choruses and the top 20 quartets from SPEBSQSA's International competition this year on CD, and they sound GREAT! Masters Of Harmony's gold-winning performance comes through beautifully, and for the first time I got to hear Toronto's "Alabamy Bound" (the train song, for those of you that heard or saw 'em), and they sounded great as well. Four Voices are amazing, I'm thrilled to have Metropolis' performance of "They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me"....all in all, I'm VERY excited about this! It's a shame we don't get the bonusses on the CDs that the tapes tend to get (performances from last year's winners, for example. Michigan Jake is amazing...), but this is a wonderous thing.

OK, I go collapse now........ G'night!
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