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Maybe they missed the point.

I was extremely excited for a while. From all reports, Camarillo is getting an IMAX. The Edwards cinemas, just 1.5 miles from my house, is premiering an IMAX screen later this year. That's really exciting news, right?

Well, on Wednesday night, Jen and I saw Inkheart at that theatre. (great concept, poorly executed. Not the point.) When we asked when the IMAX was opening, they said March 6. (Looks like it's opening with The Watchmen) This took me by surprise -- there's no obvious construction. Then they said it would be in Theatre 7. My heart started to sink. But hope stayed alive - we'd parked in front of the theatre, and #7 is in the back. Maybe the rear parking lot is being built into to accomodate the screen? I mean, they're building that huge extension of the Outlets right next to the theatre, so parking could overflow in that direction pretty easily.

Yesterday, I rode my bike to the theater in the morning and confirmed my fears. I rode behind the theatre, to where Theatre 7 is located. No construction whatsoever.

So unless they're digging into the ground under Theatre 7, what's happening appears to be that they're using the two-story space they already have and putting in new projectors and possibly speakers, and calling that IMAX. IMAX, whose slogan is "Think Big." Whose standard is a six-story screen.

This makes me very sad, and a little insulted. What, they think because we live in Ventura County, we can't figure out the difference between a six-story screen and a regular-sized one? Heck, the Cinerama Dome or the main screen of the Chinese Theatre is bigger than Theatre 7, and neither of them would qualify as an IMAX.

I may check it out when it opens. It's possible I'm mistaken. It's even possible they are, in fact, digging four stories down. Doubtful, but possible. But at this point, I really don't know. =(
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