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07 August 2001 @ 05:04 pm
Worthwhile petition  
Click Here to Sign the Wonka Petition
Click! Sign!

{{Edited on 8-08-2001 at 12:08am}}

OK, so I've gotten confused replies to this in private conversation. Here's the basics of it. Up until about ten days ago, everybody was looking forward to the upcoming Willy Wonka 30th Anniversary DVD. Very cool stuff on there, including a commentary track of ALL the main character kids from the movie. First time they've all gotten together in one place for something like that. Anyway, we were promised that there would be two video formats for the DVD - anamorphic widescreen (get the full picture in it's original aspect ratio, with black bars on the top and bottom of the screen to maintain that aspect ratio - go here for a full explanation) and Pan & Scan, so the kids wouldn't get pissed off by there being black bars or something. A couple days ago, they announced that, for no real apparent reason, the widescreen video had been dropped from the disc. Just Pan & Scan now. People are pissed, and trying to let Warner Bros. how pissed how many people are. This petition is how they're doing it.

As I said, click on the animated gif, read the petition, then if you believe in it, sign. I did.
some guyself on August 9th, 2001 04:40 pm (UTC)
Joseph Winthrop writes in his petition notes:
    Call 818-954-7165.

    That's the number to Sherry Bogart who works at Warner Bros. Customer Relations. She's on vacation till Monday, but in her message, she says that if you're calling about the Willy Wonka DVD, research indicates that family titles are not preferred in widescreen, and that's why it's not being offered. However, they're "considering" the possibility of releasing it in widescreen later.

    After the beep, I left a pretty scathing message telling her what I thought about that research she spoke of. I encourage you to please call the number, hear the message, and then leave your own message. But don't be obnoxious. Don't fill it with the f-word. Be intelligent, make sense, and say the logical things that Warner Bros. needs to hear to realize that they screwed up, and that they MUST release it in widescreen.
I suspect that's the final word. The .75 million lost sales this represents might result in a second release a year later, but they'll have the comparitive sales figures from the original release to declare once and for all that their research was correct, which means we'll win the battle but lose the war.