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29 April 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Beginning to be officially official.  

Jen's graduation present arrived today - a brand spankin' new Dell laptop for the business.  I'm keeping it clean, too - only legitimitely purchased software or legally downloaded freeware is being installed on it.  To that end, I just purchased Adobe Acrobat professional and Quickbooks Pro from an online student-discount store (savings of over $350).  Yes, the fact that I'm an extern means I'm still a student (I AM paying for 1 unit of tuition, after all)

Also, I sent off the paperwork to get the state board started in processing me for licensure.  In a few weeks, the school will send off the things they're supposed to (copy of the diploma, copy of a certificate that says I completed my internship hours, etc).  In seventeen days (yes, I'm counting again) is National Boards part IV, and the results of that will be sent to the state board in late July - after which (assuming I pass part IV, which I WILL), they'll let me take the state jurisprudence exam.  So I'm actually on schedule to get my license in late August/early September, assuming all goes well with the tests.

It's a bit odd, being all doctorly and stuff...