Id (technomonkey) wrote,

A little catching up

Huge ugly ordeal ensued since last we talked, finishing up with the Prius currently being registered non-operative and living in my driveway, and my new-to-me Yaris being dang cute and having many bells and whistles - including manual transmission, which I had forgotten how much I enjoy driving. I need to come up with a name for it.

Had a great time catching up with Amber and Josh, both of whom came over to visit and play games on Saturday. Glad you could make it, looking forward to next time!

Back at Gerckens Chiropractic. He's letting me do Network on somewhere between 1-4 patients per day, which is awesome. Looking forward to being able to do so full time.

Had a great time in Seattle with Seth, Cassandra, and Frank - although not all in the same place at the same time. Gonna be a blast next time I get up to Seattle... =)

Trip to WA was a success until the last moment. At 8:45pm on XMas night, I went online to check in for the next day's 3:55pm flight, only to discover that it'd been cancelled. The hullabaloo that followed ended with Jen getting three and a half hours of sleep and me getting less than one and a half in a hotel room, followed by getting to Seatac at 4 for a 6am flight. Wheee. Oh well, we got home safely and the cats have already forgiven us for taking the trip.

Not sure that I have much else to tell right now, so I'll just sign off. Happy new year everybody!
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