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12 October 2007 @ 10:38 pm
The basic version for everybody:

Everything went very smoothly.  My vision is now 20/20, and the paperwork I've read seems to indicate that might even improve over the next few days.  I have some slight halos around headlights and such (a symptom of astygmatism), but not too terribly bad and not NEARLY as much as I had before.  I'm hoping that'll dissapear with time as well.

The process itself wasn't the most pleasant, but wasn't too horrible either. The worst part involved the unit they used to A) hold my eye still so they could cut a flap from the cornea, B) flatten the surface of the eye so the cut would be even, C) provide suction so that when the corneal flap was cut they wouldn't have to go digging to get it separated from the deeper layers of the cornea, and D) do the actual cutting. The problem with this machine is that it provides a LOT of intra-ocular pressure. Which didn't hurt per se, but was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Beyond that, the process was relatively quick (once the 45 minute pre-op was done and I was in the room, the whole thing probably took 10 minutes total, for both eyes), and completely painless. I caught myself holding myself really tensed up halfway through just from my own nerves, and had to calm myself down so the eyes would relax, but other than that, it wasn't a problem.

After the surgery, my eyes were functional, but very light-sensitive. (to the point where I wore the shades indoors, and even then my eyes were more comfortable closed than open.) They felt kinda like I was wearing some ill-fitting contact lenses - which in part was true, except the lenses were just part of my cornea. Mom (who was wonderful and took me to get the thing done) took me to lunch, then took me home, where I immediately took a two hour nap. This was due partially to the advice Jen had read about that being a great way to let the eyes start to heal, and mostly to the Zanex I'd taken prior to the surgery for my nerves.

Anyway, long story shorter, my cornea seem to have healed pretty much completely already (but I'm still taking the recommended 4x/day dose of antibacterial drops, 4x/day dose of antiinflammatory drops, and 1x/hour dose of lubricating drops), and although my eyes tire a little easier than they did pre-surgery (again, a side effect I'm expecting to wear off with time), I'm very happy with the results.

Hooray for being able to see!!!