Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Pledge rant

I guess it's time to put my two cents in. I was trying to avoid doing it, but I finally had enough.

I'm reading the SPEBSQSA message board, and I come across a few posts that point to a USA Today poll about whether or not the words "Under God" should be put back in the Pledge of Allegiance. The guy who posted it originally apparently got both support mail and flame mail because of it, and I was really close to letting it go, until I saw something at the end of his post that just pissed me off. I responded, and was somewhat proud of what I said, so I figured I'd open myself up to the same kind of flaming by posting it here.

I have one request, before you read. Please keep all responses IN LIVEJOURNAL. I have the option to remove comment ability from you, but I'm not doing it. I'd rather it all be here, out in the open, than cluttering up my e-mailbox or pent up in private. Believe me, I'll read everything that's said here.

Anyway, here is my e-mail to that gentleman:


I'm only responding because of the last part of your post:

>>Happy To Live In A Free World Where I Can Say What I Want

The question isn't about what are you allowed to say. It's a question of what you're forcing other people to say. Is it all right to send your children to a public school where they say Muslim prayers every day? Where they force the children to send warm wishes to the Hindu, Hebrew, and Christian Gods before they can go to recess?

Why is it any different when they force children to use a phrase that points to the existance of a being that not everyone believes in? Agnostics and Athiests are entitled to their opinion as well, and NO ONE has a right to force them to believe otherwise, or to chant prayers or the like. Freedom of religion isn't just about being free to practice religion; it's about being free to NOT practice religion. I may be a religious man, but even I can see that using the phrase "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance GOES DIRECTLY AGAINST WHAT THE COUNTRY STANDS FOR.

Will this decision get overturned? Yeah, I think it will. Will that be affected by sily little USA Today polls? I suspect more than some people might think. Is overturning it the right decision?

I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks for reading.
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