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I just did a cursory search of my journal, and find it interesting that I haven't posted anything about the various forms of Gummi Blobs.

Here's the quick and dirty version of how a Gummi Blob is made.  Take a bag of gummi bears, and subject it to heat over time.  Allow it to cool, or not.  Either way, you'll end up with something that's squishy and disgusting to look at, but (aside from the thin outer layer of slime that doesn't get reconstituted into the mush) is quite tasty.

A couple of weekends ago, I was in Rosemead for my Boards review class, and regularly having lunches at the Montebello Mall across the street.  Because it was so close, my classmates and I would brave the heat (roughly 115 degrees!) and walk across the parking lot.  We were doing this when I noticed someone else's HIGHLY INTENTIONAL EXPERIMENT - an Albertson's bag of Gummi Blob was sitting under a tree.  It was quite obviously abandoned, so I did what any scientist would do.  I picked it up and started playing with it.

Did I mention that Gummi Blobs are really fun to play with, so long as you don't get any on you?

You see where this is going.

Sure enough, as I was playing with the Blob through its bag, one of the corners popped.  At first I was a mite disgusted by the mess that ended up on my hand.  But then I noticed something.  The GB was melted enough that it was dripping through the corner of the bag like so much cake icing.  I continued walking with it as far as a trash can, and noticed the thin but easily followable line of Gummi Drool from whence I came.

1.  Gummi Blob can be applied as a cake icing.  Further experimentation is necessary on this one.
2.  If you find yourself in a MacGyver situation and all you have is a bag of gummi bears and a heat source, you can still arrange to find your way home.  Either follow the trail of slime, or follow the inevitable trail of ants.  Either way, you should be golden.
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