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So I've been trying to get an empty box delivered to me so that I could put my XBox into it and send it to Microsoft for repairs. I've been trying to get this done for weeks. I called before the first of this month in hopes that it would arrive before the 3rd, and then called on the 15th to find that even though they'd put in a request, it had never left the warehouse. They put in another request and told me it should arrive Thursday or Friday. I called on Thursday to get a tracking number, and did the calculations from the website to find out that it wouldn't arrive until today. Fine. I can live with that.

So I've been checking up on it via the web.
7/17, picked up by Airborne in TN.
7/18, left Airborne station in OH. (Check a map. OH is NOT between TN and CA.)
No word for days. I checked again yesterday, 7/22. 7:32am, arrived at Airborne Station, Van Nuys, CA. It's here. Finally.

Got home after work yesterday, found nothing. OK, it's in processing at the Airborne station or something, and will arrive today, right?

Checked this morning.
7/22, 12:22pm. Delivered.

Nuh uh.

So I called Airborne. The driver scanned in the correct address, so there's nothing they can do. I have to contact Microsoft again to get them to ship out a NEW box to me. Again. And I get to wait a week and a half. Again. With no guarantee it'll actually leave, much less arrive. Again.

I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with Microsoft's method of repairing this damn thing.....
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