Id (technomonkey) wrote,


So today's appointment was a pretty quick nothing-exam. Which is to say, they took a bunch of X-Rays, took some molds of my teeth (they aren't hitting right.), scraped the plaque off....the usual stuff. I forgot to pay them, but that's OK, because of other situations. (Maybe I'll be awake for making that my next post)

There was one bit of preliminary happy news, though - they said there's some decay around one of my older fillings. Why is that good news, you ask? Why, because it explains the metallic taste that's been in my mouth intermittently for the past few weeks! MAN, that was bothering me. Not that it's fixed yet, but at least it isn't "am I gonna die suddenly from something weird that this is a symptom for?" anymore.

Anyway, there's a follow up appointment in about a month (they're going on vacation in a few days for a few weeks) to go over the X-Rays and the molds and stuff. We'll discuss what I want to do, or not to do, regarding my jaw and stuff. I'll keep you updated.

Meantime, I gotta sleep. Ask me what happened to my Brain sometime...
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