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19 April 2007 @ 11:13 pm
Continuing the Verizon saga  
The tech spent many many hours working on the system today.  At his suggestion, we got the FiOS hub set up outside (that's the hub for all the FiOS, including the phone.  Internet hub's inside.  Just clarifying), along with the hub's battery backup.  The backup has to be plugged in, so he drilled a little hole through the wall to enable the power plug to go through, and set the battery backup about a foot below the hub, mounted on the wall outside the house.

Hours passed, he worked and worked and got the phones and internet up and running.  He called in a friend who also works installations for Verizon to speed along the end of the job.  Friend looks at the setup and points out that the battery backup isn't weatherproof.  It's going to rain on Friday, and this will short out my phones and internet.

So the tech and his friend are coming over early tomorrow to dismount the damn thing and bring it into the house.

Other than that, though, everything's working!  Yay!