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31 December 2006 @ 01:00 am
JL's year according to LJ  
Witness one of the many reasons I never really belonged in AOKP - my complete inability to take a story and shrink it down to anything less than a novel. Combine that with my leaving out huge chunks of important detail, and you've got a Harry Potter movie adaptation. Or my LiveJournal.

In that vein, here's what my 2006 looked like from a LiveJournal perspective:

*Home improvement included switching two walls in the living room and a new vacuum cleaner

*Noticed a trend towards negativity

*Spent a couple days with Nentikobe. Yay!

*Reeled from the news and ramifications of some friends deciding divorce was in their future

*Nanny passed away

*Car troubles

*New Trimester (#4)

*Weight loss efforts included going to the gym, Weight Watchers, and Dance Dance Revolution

*Fenced with a classmate using nothin' but rolls of carpet pads and some AOKP training

*Bankruptcy went through - shredded the credit cards and started accumulating debt the old fashioned way

*Mourned the passing of the integrity of the Pirates of the Carribbean ride, which considering it's changes just a few years prior is saying a lot. Months later, I'd go on it and confirm the worst.

*Mourned the passing of my quartet, making me a former singer. Two members of said quartet left us for two other guys that would do better in competition with them -- which proved to be true. They moved from Divisionals to District, where I believe they took 7th place. About two months later, they ditched their lead, and have since asked Greg to rejoin them. I'm still not singing.

*I pissed off a bunch of people by saying things I didn't have the courage to say in person. I still suspect they were pissed because I said them at all, not because I couldn't say it to their faces. Either way, I proved myself a coward yet again.

*Pimped three, count them, three podcasts

*Passed ICE I's practical portion

*Reverse Osmosis sweeps ICCA quarterfinals

*First Denver trip of the year -- Healingfest! Marilyn and John and Nina! Woot!

*Weight loss efforts include DDR, but the gym attendance tapers. Similarly, I start falling off the WW wagon.

*Being the moron I am, I got myself an AOL IM virus

*Vocal Point takes the ICCA Semifinals, and through a judging SNAFU, RO is asked to perform in the finals!

*A Cappella U (podcast) publicly humiliates me, which instantly forms a bond between Joey C (the host) and myself. Later, he names me Dr. Joel Levitz, Dean of the College of Left Coast Studies. He doesn't find out for several months that I'm actually studying to be a chiropractor, and earn that Dr. title!

*Speedball announces to the world that he misses me. I announce similar feelings. A few weeks later, as has been our pattern of late, we start negotiations for a truce and they fall apart. This time, I write an e-mail, he takes about five weeks to try to formulate a response, and I get too impatient, telling him his silence is a louder response than anything he could have written. We haven't spoken or written since.

*I get a year older. Most people do at some point throughout the year.

*I win the weight loss bet against Greg. Celebratory dinner is had, and I fall completely. Over the next few months, I stop attending meetings, stop doing exercise, pretty much completely drop every aspect of the program. Needless to say, I've regained most of my weight since that point. Haven't weighed myself to find out the exact numbers, but my chins are a decent sign.

*I wax poetic about Weinerschnitzelbank, the International Hot Dog Song

*I begin the project of scanning Nanny's photo collection. Over 800MB later as of this writing, and I've barely scratched the surface. Mom and her brother are getting rightfully impatient with me, and my plan was to hit the project hard this week, but my computer died on me and is now in the shop. I get out of class early this coming term, though - I'll try to do better...

*Passed ICE I written portion. Several classmates didn't, and the administration handled the entire thing very poorly, leading to about six of my classmates transferring to other chiropractic colleges in August. As a side note, we've had so many administrative changes this year it's impossible to keep track, and a couple of the better admins and teachers have also left. Makes you wonder...

*Picked up a digital camcorder in preparation to NYC trip for ICCA finals

*Shelf in the garage came crashing down

*RO competes at the ICCA finals in NYC - and we're there to see the show. It's great, which is far more than can be said for Disney's Tarzan (The stage musical, which we also see while we're out there). It should be avoided at all costs. Still, two NYC trips in eight months. Dang!

*In an audiobook commentary, Orson Scott Card tells us the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy.

*San Francisco for NSA BCI, plus ancillary conference call

*I once again explode at people about spoilers. Me and my compulsions...

*NSA BCI Hands On Workshop #1

*Had a minor breakthrough in my own care with some SRI

*I started panicking about final exams, not even noticing that I hadn't blogged about classes since January, so nobody knew (or likely cared) that these were the final exams for trimester #5.

*SRI Wellness Education Seminar. Don't believe me? We've got the certificates to prove it!

*NSA BCI Hands On Workshop #2

*Irene Gold National Boards Review program takes up many of my weekends, including the day of our 1st wedding anniversary. Doesn't stop us from celebrating, though - we spend our anniversary doing what we love to do...watch some of our favorite a cappella groups perform. A couple days later, we hit Legoland as part of our celebration, and have a thoroughly fun time.

*We're hit with not being able to set up our office in the live/work spaces in Oxnard we've been looking at.

*I notice that I've finished term 5 out of 10, and celebrate hitting the halfway mark for school.

*Term 6 begins

*I mention my involvement in Toastmasters for the first time - naturally it comes when I achieve my first award, for best Table Topics. I earn that award three more times throughout the term. =)

*My Nintendo DS breaks at the joint, but that's not bad enough to render the machine unuseable. In an unusual move of frugality for me, I decide to keep on with this one until it actually dies. For now, it's still kicking.

*Jen's cat Lilly gets ill and, less than a week after my first post about it, she passes on. My paranoia about my cat's health begins, and to this day I'm still worried about her. We decide to get Kaylee a sister ASAP, and Minuet is brought into the family. It takes a few days for Minuet to get comfortable, but within a week she's attacking Kayless on a regular basis. That becomes habit, and happens several times a day now.

*I take National Boards Part I. Nearly six weeks later I find out that I passed!

*RO's new album comes out, and they thank Jen and I in the liner notes.

*I decide that my a cappella coaching thoughts need voice somewhere, and I start my MySpace blog.

*I start treating Jen with NSA under Greg's supervision. In doing so, my focus on NSA becomes much greater, and my own care takes some leaps and bounds that I wasn't expecting. My fear of the work and my ability to deliver it is greatly reduced.

*West Coast A Cappella Summit!

*NSA ICI/ACI, including Parts I and II certification exams. No results yet...

*I recognized the futility of remaining on the AOKP e-mail list and removed myself. Haven't yet learned that with the Masters of Harmony e-list, but I'm getting there...

*I take ICE II written and practical. Three weeks later, I get the results - I passed!

*Jen and I coached a couple of a cappella groups in a Master Class format. We had an amazing time, and are trying to figure out how to schedule another one like it sometime soon.

*Finals mark the 2 year point of my education at SCUHS/LACC. April 2008 is starting to look closer and closer...

*Found out that I got the clinical rotation I wanted for seventh term, and the base clinic I wanted for eighth and ninth terms! We now know that we're moving to Ventura County in late April. Now to figure out where, how, and how we're paying for it...

*I discovered that nobody sells Runts anymore. Discovered earlier today that this is apparently limited only to major grocers -- the candy specialty stores seem to still have 'em. Hooray!

*Many months of computer troubles come to a head, and I finally am forced to take some action on it. Sadly, I'm unable to do everything it takes, and my computer's in the shop right now. I'm hoping they'll have news for me tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile, I've rigged Jen's desktop in the space mine usually occupies, and am using it as best I can.