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28 December 2006 @ 12:05 pm
Wait, there's a forest here? But what about all these trees?  
Jen pointed out what should have been obvious to me.

If the hard drive works, it works. If it works in one computer but not the other, the hard drive isn't the problem - look elsewhere.

Looking at the problems I've been experiencing again from this perspective, I see that it has to be something else. I'm currently leaning towards either the motherboard or the CPU, either of which likely means replacing both, possibly even with some new RAM, for compatibility reasons.

The good news? I have a new direction to wander down. The bad news? I no longer have the skills or expertise or spare parts I once had to be able to determine what is actually happening. So I've got a new plan. Tear all hard drives but C from my computer, put it together in a way that it really ought to work, and head to Fry's. Pay them the $50 or $80 it'll cost to have them tell me what I think I already know (but could still be wrong about), then pay the $350 or so to replace the dead parts. Thankfully, XMas gifts and the upcoming student loan allow for that to happen. Installation I can do on my own thank you very much.

To ward off the inevitible objection - making the other computer work for what I need it to do will also be an expensive prospect -- there's not only space issues, but compatibility issues as well. But mostly space - it just can't handle all the things (both cards and hard drives) to get my projects done. I've got photos to scan, videos to edit, and the like. It'll work for my school stuff, but many people are waiting on me for these other things to get done.

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad that it turns out that I wiped my OS for no good reason. The reality is that I've had little reasons for a long time and it'll be great to be rid of them. I'm just unhappy about all the work skipping that step could have saved me...