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05 November 2006 @ 08:22 am
Eggs, basket  
On a whim, I opened my computer and blew some compressed air in it.  I then booted and scandisk started running on D -- it deleted some bad segments and recovered a HUGE AMOUNT of orphaned files.  I guess the last scandisc thought the file allocation table was on a bad segment or something.

Anyway, I'm booted again, and before anything else big happens, I'm going to back up my D drive.  Which, considering it's got 75GB of data on it, will take some time and some discs.  But I haven't run a backup of the important data in quite some time, and I think that's probably the lesson to be learned here. Besides, what else am I gonna do with this stack of double-layer DVD-Rs that aren't compatible with my DVD player?
Current Mood: Tentatively Relieved