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05 November 2006 @ 07:53 am
Murphy's law joins forces with the gods of irony once again.  
I have four hard drives in my computer: a 40GB, a 100GB, a 200GB, and 250GB. That's the order I got 'em in, too: c, d, e, f. The C drive (40GB) is the oldest of the bunch, and I fully expected it to be the first to die - among other things, it's the frickin' C drive, which means it gets a LOT of use every time Windows or any other program boots.

So in an effort to protect my important data, I moved some major directories to what I fully expected to be a more stable investment. The desktop, My Documents, and bookmarks directories, along with certain data (including MS Outlook and both its archives and possibly MS Money now that I think about it) are all on D:.

Guess which drive died this weekend?

Yeah, D seems to have gone in a fairly spectacular manner. Windows blue-screened every time the drive was accessed for a couple of days (even in scandisc or when trying to BOOT IN SAFE MODE), then I got one bootup where Windows Disc Manager recognized it but said it had 100% free space...and now Windows isn't recognizing it at all.

The next step is to disconnect the drive and put it in Jen's desktop to see if there's any chance of getting the data back. Then perhaps it's time for the microwave.
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