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31 October 2006 @ 11:28 am
I feel dumb  
Just took a test in my CCA (Clinical Chiropractic Applications) class.  It was essentially a case - they gave us the "a patient presents with" statement, we wrote down ten important history questions and turned that in, then they gave us the complete history, then we wrote down our differential diagnoses and some exam procedures and turned that in, then they handed us the physical exam findings and we wrote up a management plan.

Patient presents with neck stiffness and wrist pain.

What do I do?  I work up the patient for cervical sprain/strain with radiculopathy (nerve irritation at the nerve root, which can refer pain down to the wrist).....AND I FORGET TO LOOK AT THE PATIENT'S WRIST.

What the heck??  "Hey doc, it hurts here."  "Here's a wacky idea, why don't I look at where you said it hurts?"

Current Mood: Dumb