Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Misplaced entry

Huh.  I just discovered that I accidentally posted the following entry in a different journal, one that I had intended to have no entries whatsoever.  Of course, the info is WAY outdated now, but I figured I'd post it for completeness before deleting it from its original location.  So here's an entry from May 25, 2006:

Subject: Holy crow!

Nintendo just announced that the Wii (their next generation game system) will be out in 4th quarter this year (XMas shopping), and will retail for no more than $250.

So, just to sum up:
XBox 360:  $299 or $399 - out now
PS3:  $499 or $599 - out Novemberish this year
Wii:  $250 max (probably $249.99) - out 4th quarter this year

Based on those numbers, I'm assuming we can see an XBox 360 price drop around late October/early November...
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