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24 September 2006 @ 10:08 pm
My computer keeps crashing  
Actually, let me ammend that.  My computer keeps turning itself off.

Could be a number of things, but the first thought that came to mind (obviously not the CORRECT first thing to come to mind, as any tech can tell you, but still) was virus or spamware related.  This is partially because it came on the heels of installing shady downloaded software, and partially because it also came on the heels of seeing IE advertisement windows pop up -- when I use Firefox for browsing.  Tried AdAware-ing it, the computer turned off in the middle of the scan.  Tried Ad-Aware-ing it with a user that uses almost no TSR's, same result.  Same thing when booting in Safe Mode.

More obvious option popped in my head at this point - this sounds related to the power supply or the system temperature.  One of those is easier to deal with, so out came the compressed air.  Cleared out all the system fans and vents - which unloaded a MASSIVE amount of dust in the air (and in my nose), and we'll see.

But for now, I should check my e-mail and do some homework.  Then I'll see if the shutdowns are somehow related to Ad-Aware scans...