Id (technomonkey) wrote,

What a difference a day makes =(

Lilly's been lethargic.  Like, to an extreme.  And she hasn't been eating.

Today, while I was studying with my classmate Jason, he looked over and pointed out that she appeared to be crouching to go to the bathroom on the carpet.  Which she's been doing for some time, so I wasn't concerned by it -- I just scooped her up and brought her to the toilet (we've been trying to toilet train the cats using a system of progressively smaller rings in the bowl, so that's where the litter lives).  She stood there for a second, then flopped down in the litter.  Just curled into a little ball right there.  I suspect that it was at this point that her hindquarters landed inside the toilet, but I'm not sure - she stayed in this position for about a minute and a half before moving, and it wasn't until she moved that I noticed.  When she did move, it was by using her front paws to drag herself off of the toilet and onto the floor, where she layed down and yowled for a while.

Apparently moving has become painful for her - she yowls whenever she has to do it.

Several things happened in a short timeframe, so I'm not going to bother listing them in order.  I noticed that the diarrhea she'd left for us the other night was black, which of course made me think "blood" and panic.  I called the vet, who assured me that it couldn't be blood, as the blood tests didn't indicate any loss.  Of course, we're talking about tests that were taken about three weeks ago.

Jen tried to put a flat plate of water near Lilly so she could drink without too much effort.  She flopped herself into the bowl, and had to strain to flop out of it again.

I went to Albertson's to get wet cat food at the vet's suggestion.  (Feeling quite guilty for not having done that sooner.  He told me to do that when I brought her home yesterday - have I been starving her?  Jen insists no.)  On my way, Jen called and asked me to pick up some kitten formula and an eyedropper.  Eyedropper, they had.  Kitten formula, not so much.  She used the eyedropper to get some water into Lilly, then went to Rite Aid and picked up the formula.  Got some of that in her, got some complaints.

At this point, Lilly decided she no longer wants to be held - she convulses to get out of your arms.  Then moans for a while.

When I called the vet, I made an appointment to bring her in tomorrow at lunch.  Most of this post hadn't happened yet at that point -- she's gotten far worse than he's aware.  A couple weeks ago, he described what she has as hyperthyroidism, and he went on to say it was a benign tumor of her thyroid.  For this to have progressed in the way it has, and at the speed it has, all I can say is that it's not acting benign.

Needless to say, we didn't give her any pills tonight.

Everyone in the apartment, including Kaylee, is extremely worried and upset.  If our tempers are short right now, that's probably a huge part of it.

And now, I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep.
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