Id (technomonkey) wrote,


My Nintendo DS is breaking.

The two joints that hold the two halves of the unit together have cracked, and it no longer holds to any one position on its own - it's very floppy.  In fact, today, one of those two joints has snapped in a second location, so not only is it rotating freely around the X axis, it has a little mobility rotating around the Z axis as well.

This thing isn't gonna last too much longer.  I just hope it lasts long enough for me to get the funds together to replace it.  Which could be as early as December.  (At which point, if I actually DO have the funds together - which doesn't seem likely - I get to decide if I want to replace this system that I know I like, or try to pick up the Sony or Nintendo next-generation-home-gaming-system, both of which should be out by then, and both of which I irrationally want without having tried either.)

OK, I'm done whining for the moment.  End of Line.

Oh wait, one more moment of whinage:  Eight hours of Boards review classes tomorrow, then the Boards exams on Friday and Saturday of next week.  EEEEEEK!!!!
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