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17 June 2002 @ 04:29 pm
I shoulda known today was gonna suck when I arrived at work on time...  
....so this morning, I was told to test a USB camera with our software. New feature and such. I plug it in.........and it eats Windows.

Windows corrupts itself in horrible mean ugly nasty ways, including most of the subdirectories in c:\windows being renamed to C:\DIR000xx (where xx is a number between 01 and 33). Also, Scandisk found more problems than I'd ever seen before on a single drive, resulting in 353 MB of *.CHK files. Oh, and the big ugly......the one that prevented me from being able to just install Windows on top of itself and forced me to format and start from scratch, was this:

Windows installation requires a scandisk to proceed past the very first step.

Scandisk for DOS found a problem with an invalid long filename - and can't fix it. Run Scandisk from within Windows.

Windows has eaten itself and refuses to load, which is why I was trying to reinstall it in the first place.

Spent most of today cleaning up after that....... *sigh*
Kurt Onstadspeedball on June 17th, 2002 04:50 pm (UTC)
All that from a webcam, huh? That's going to be fun when you introduce that to the customers...

Idtechnomonkey on June 17th, 2002 05:52 pm (UTC)
Not our issue.
We didn't make the hardware. Logitech did. Matter of fact, our software doesn't even interface with their hardware OR their drivers -- we interface with the user's TWAIN driver, which interfaces with the rest of it.

And my supervisor later hooked that same camera to his computer, with no problems. Go figure...